Wednesday, 12 November 2008

new program – simple sync


I've been working on backup systems for a while now (mostly applescripts performing duplicate functions), which led me to start playing around with 'rsync'. Although there are a number of cloning apps out there, and the very good ARrsync program, I felt they were all to feature rich and complex. All I needed to do was to pict a source folder, and a destination folder, and have the first cloned to the latter. I thought being able to chose to have the program delete files from the backup when deleted form the source might be useful, as would an auto run feature; so both are included.

It's simple, useful, but like all scripts you have to be careful, as thre's no going back when a file's been deleted or overwritten. Although it's been well tested I'd say use at your own risk.

Hope you find it useful,



Dusey said...

How does the auto run function work? Does it continue to monitor after closing simple sync, and will it continue after a restart?

timcrawf said...

If I select the auto box, when does it perform the sync?

The mac guy said...

Hi, sorry, but I've not looked at the blog for ages. The auto run function (as I'm sure you've gathered now) is saved between use and between restarts – it's written into the app's preferences.