Monday, 30 April 2007

3 new applescripts

I've just finalised 3 new applescripts: a simple local backup routine, useful if you've got an external hard drive; a remote backup routine for storing your important files on your web space (this uses Drop DMG to compress and encrypt your files, then Cyberduck to upload them; and finally a script for business with online shops (the applescript automatically logs in to your web site, processes your orders and prints them out). The last one will need to be adapted for your needs, so if you're interested get in touch.

QuickFind 1.1

I've recently updated QuickFind to version 1.1 and, following the initial rush of feedback, am working on further updates. QuickFind's kind of like a remote control for the web, saving you lots of clicking and retyping. Of course, it won't ever do everything you'd like, but if you've got some specific sites that you search all the time, then I'd be happy to customise it for you.